Difference between the French taxis and USA taxis

France is a European country that is defined by its culture, history and glamor, being very popular to be visited by tourists as well as being one of the economic axes within the European Union. When it comes of talk about tourism, it offers great diversity of experiences to its visitors, due its beautiful places, gastronomy, historical sites, majestic monuments, natural landscapes of singular beauty, it also offers a very varied nightlife, as it has several restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs in other types of premises. Its climate is temperate where winter is characterized by being soft and short while summer is intense. If, we go shopping one of its most emblematic products are perfumes and haute couture full of elegance and glamour. On the other hand, if we find ourselves in United States of America, we will have a country with a great diversity of landscapes, cultures, entertainment centers, hotels, parks, a varied and unpredictable climate, it is a country with the biggest economic influence in the world, it has a diverse gastronomy and many places to buy in addition of being the center of the show worldwide. Popular competitions such as Disney Word, the capital of entertainment for adults Las Vegas Nevada, New York, “the big apple” one of the capitals of the economy, Los Angeles, the place of the most famous stars of music and cinema among other places.

So, if we are in one of these two countries for a business trip or to enjoy our vacations, we must know the best means of transportation that  are available and how to identify each of them, so that our trip could be successful. When, we talk about comfort and safety for tourists, the most used means of transportation are taxi services ( taxi aeroport ), since this way you have an experienced driver who will take the best route to take you from one place to another, even if is a place that you want to know or where you have a business meeting scheduled. The aim of the taxi services is to transport you without worrying about the fact of not knowing the access routes, traffic, where to park or the address of the hotel where you are staying, because the driver according to his experience will take you and guide you to the destination point. Taxis in France circulate practically 24 hours every day of the week and are identified by their luminous sign, with letters A, B, C and the taximeter, in addition they have on the right front side a plaque that indicates the driver’s license number his identification as taxi driver. The rates are regulated and prices are managed depending on the day and time, the A rate that is handled from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm is 1.70 euros price/km, by other hand the rate B is established from Monday to Saturday between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm with a price of 1,29 euros price/km and the corresponding rate for the letter C is set up only for Sunday with a price of 1,56 euros price/km. The most popular taxi lines are Paris Taxi, Taxis 75, Taxis G7, Les Taxis Bleus and City Cab Paris which handle very similar rates depending on the regulations that exist, the differences will be based on the transfer, the number of people and special requirements that the client has.

The best reference to know if the service is good enough or not, is checking out the customers´ opinion who had hired, a group of tourists commented that the taxi lines do not meet the established rates and that there are times when they reserve a service and the driver never arrived in other cases is delayed. They also commented that the driver’s treatment towards them was not the most appropriated, according to the story of this group of visitors from Spain, the taxi driver was very discourteous and did not help with the luggage, so they said they would not hire the taxi services again with that taxi company. On the other hand, a businessman who was going to the airport said that he received an excellent treatment from the driver who was waiting for him, in addition to the time of the service and advised him at all times regarding the route of the trip scheduled for that reason he catalogued the service as good.

The services of taxis in France have high costs, that is why in that country the companies and drivers have been implemented alternatives to solve this issue, such as the use of shared taxis, where the driver receives two or more customers who go to the same place, the price is fixed by a telephone call through what is specified in advance the number of people who are going to take the unit for the service. One of the taxi companies that applies this type of option is G7 being very popular among students, workers, and tourists who need to save a little money. Another option is the use of VTCs that are private tourism vehicles, this type of service is contacted by  mobile applications in which the user indicates the route of travel both the place where it is located and the destination point, with that information the driver that is located closer to the client take the service which reduces the waiting time, and the rates of transportation, if we compare them with the regulated taxi companies the users of the VTC service comments that this is the best alternative to mobilize, as is the case of a group of exchange students who during their trip in Paris contacted a VTC by cell phones through the application, to take them from the airport to the campus of the university where they would stay and they affirmed that the transfer was very good, “the driver arrived according the scheduled time, he treat us with a lot of kindness and he help us with our luggage, then he recommended some places to meet in Paris, the access routes to move, he put pop music and also the cost of the service was reasonable considering the distance traveled and the number of people who were in the unit”.

In United States the vehicles used for taxi services are usually Ford Crown Victoria brand, which are only available for this type of services in the same way as the Lincoln Town Car, this kind of vehicle offers users wider interior spaces. In fact nowadays are also used vehicles with lower fuel consumption and hybrids such as the Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius and the Ford Escape hybrid. In the cities with the highest population density, taxi services are divided into regulated ones, which are painted yellow and equipped with a taxi meter in order to establish the tariffs for kilometers covered and the taxis designated by contact that are contracted through telephone reservations or digital platforms, these taxis do not have a taxi meter so the rates are established in the reservation of the service, the prices vary depending of the distance and if it is a conventional vehicle or if luxury vehicles. In, the conventional taxi companies the rates that are handled are accessible and will depend of the route and distance.

The taxis in United States has characteristic yellow color, in cities such as New York can be taken anywhere with just raising your hand on one of its avenues. In order to know is the taxi is available you should note if the advice on to top of the car is turned on, when the advice is turned off, means that the taxi are busy or out of service. This type of taxi services with its particular yellow color are called medallion taxis and carry an authorized license plate, whose normal rate for 1 kilometer is 1.62 dollars. It is handled that approximately there are more than 13.000 yellow taxis only in the city of New York. The users of this type of services have both good and bad comments. For example, here is a comment of a tourist who came to New York city, “I considerate as a nightmare, first that all, it is very difficult to find a taxi and when I finally got it, the driver had an aggressive way of driving, that is why I was scared during the entire way to the hotel”. But if you keep looking for reference you will find something good such as the one provided by another client in this case an Irish merchant who traveled for a business meeting, and he said: “I must affirm that I took it this type of services with the intention of arriving quickly at my meeting and the transportation rate was fair enough, so every time that I need to come to New York city, I will choose this kind of service.

Also in United States exist the taxi services called “exclusive”, so if we want a private and more secure transportation we can hire any of the companies that offer this service. They are characterized by having luxury, armored vehicles, with drinks, Wi-Fi, and music. The way of hire this service is so easy, you only need to go through the companies´ website, where you will choose what type of service is needed, the model of the vehicle, if additional security is also required, armored vehicles, limos, and you must indicate the number of people who will use the service, the date, and time is scheduled, you can also require the “complete disposition service”, which consist in the assignment of a professional driver that will provide support at all times. It is estimated that there are more than 41.000 vehicles for these kind of services between limousines and luxury vehicles.The users of these services are mainly businessmen, stars of both cinema and music, politicians, public figures who seek a private, safe and comfortable transport service, in addition to a driver who selects the best routes to reach their destination as fast as possible. According to the comments of an important businessman, he contracted an exclusive taxi service in Washington to go to a meeting, to sign a contract for a very important project, due he did not know the city he needed an experienced and professional driver who was already at his disposal. After conclude the meeting he went to lunch with his partners and needed to move quickly, comfortably and safely, according to his experience the service was excellent and the assigned driver was punctual at all times, “the vehicle that I requested was in excellent conditions and had Wi-Fi which allows me to check my emails, set my agenda and verify some details of the contract that would be discussed at the meeting, I must said that this is a very trustful service”.

The biggest differences between the taxis in France and the United States is practically the way in how are identified, because in France the taxis can noted by their illuminated sign, with the three lights underneath with the letters A, B, C that determine the rate that will be charged for the service provided at the time of take it, however, the taxis in USA can be identified by the car´s models and its characteristic yellow color. Another factor is the rates, for the case of the taxi companies in France they handle high costs and for the services in the United States the standard rate is more accessible. In Paris, the alternative of shared taxis has been very successful, which has represented a relief for those users who want to save a little money, while in the United States the service is widely used through digital platforms, where the client establishes the route and the driver that is closest to the pick-up place takes the service, that is why the rates are lower. Visiting France or United States will be your choose, as well as the taxi service, depending on whether you want to know the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.